How to Make Snow Paint

 A Snowman and Snow Paint...the Perfect Snow Day

Yesterday it snowed. I'm tired of the fluffy, white misery and ready for Spring. My children, however, woke up and BEGGED to go outside and play. We bundled up and headed out. It was wet. It was the perfect snow for a....

how to make snow paint

The kiddos giggled and created a great adventure...even I had a blast out there building him.


Every year we make a snowman and bring him to life through the magic of a photo. We record our day's adventure with our Snowman and keep him in our "Snowy Day" photo album.

Here are two of my kiddos with their new friend...

building a snowman

With frozen hands, I retreated inside. The children elected to stay and play. WhenLi'l Man came in for a "snack" he said his hands were cold. There was NO chance he was ready to surrender the snow play so I told him I had a surprise for them....Snow Paint:

I filled spray bottles with warm water and added some food coloring...

making snow paint
Note: Wilton Cake Coloring Dyes work best as they produce far more vibrant colors and have a much larger selection that may appeal to your little Picasso...think Pink, Violet, Black, Browns, Crimson, and more!

Then I headed out to share the fun.

The children were grateful for the warm bottle and then I showed them the magic inside the bottle!

We made a giant "rock" out of snow and then I spritzed the bottle. "Paint!" they cheered.

how to make snow paint

They played outside most of the day, "painting" the snow. Here's their finished "rock".

how to make snow paint

Note: Yellow is currently Li'l Man's favorite color. I'm not advocating its use as it leaves a disgustingly frightening resemblance to the reason we warn, "Don't eat the yellow snow"!


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